The Old Dwarf Mine

a solitaire adventure for Tunnels and Trolls
by Roy Cram and Ken St. Andre

Your guide is also the headman of Roksney village. He has led you uphill and north from Roksney for a couple of hours, and now you all stand in a little clump of trees not far from a black cliff face. You can see an old mine entrance cut into the stone. There is a fair amount of broken stone and garbage, mostly old bones near the entrance.

"You understand the terms," says Headman Barnbuilder. "I'll give you ten gold pieces for every Goblin head you bring me down in Roksney, and you get to keep anything else you may find in there. If you decide to start mining operations, you have to split your take evenly with me and the village."

"Yeah, that's fair," you say. "Wish us luck!"

Barnbuilder shakes all your hands and then starts back down the mountain. It is near noon. You all eat some food, check your equipment one more time, get a torch going (designate a torch carrier in your party) and approach the mine entrance.

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