My OD&D Stuff

Some stuff I have made for Original Dungeons & Dragons and the simulacrum.

Character Sheets

Quickstart Rules

The idea for these rules summaries was originally presented by Zulgyan on OD&D Discussion. They allow someone who has never read the rules to quickly create a character. They might also be useful as a reference for more skilled players.

The Heroic version starts characters off at 4th level, which is perfect for one shots and demo games.

I've provided the original OpenDocument files as well, if you want to change something for your game.

Simple Encumbrance Rules

My attempt at a simple but still somewhat realistic encumbrance system, with as little bookkeeping as possible. Available as a one page (digest/A5) PDF file.

For Carcosa

If you are not familiar with Geoffrey McKinney's Carcosa, you can order it here.

2009-05-30 Copyright Mattias Wikström (email: me at domain)