The Old Dwarf Mine

a solitaire adventure for Tunnels and Trolls
by Roy Cram and Ken St. Andre

This adventure originally appeared in Pegasus Magazine #73. It has been extensively rewritten for the current version by Ken St. Andre and is copyright 1998 by Roy Cram and Ken St. Andre. Players may copy it and distribute it as much as they want—though that would really be too much work—as long as it remains completely free—no one may charge anything for reproducing this adventure. Wherever you are, Roy, I hope you approve of what I'm doing here.
—Ken St. Andre, 5/31/98

This adventure was originally hosted by Ken St. Andre on a Geocities website. But as Geocities will soon be closing their doors and the site seemed to have been unmaintained for quite some time. I mirrored it and put it up on my own website. None of the adventure content has been changed, except a few typos and a missing page I added. If you come upon any further errors or typos please contact me (using the address at the bottom of the page).
—Mattias Wikström, 4/27/09


This page is the lead-in to a Tunnels and Trolls solitaire adventure. In order to play, you will need to understand the rules to Tunnels and Trolls, and have some low level T & T characters ready to go. You will need several D6 and you may need the T & T rules if you don't know them already. You do all the dice rolling when told to do so. All important decisions are made by choosing a link and going to it. Please play honestly—anyone can cheat their way through a solitaire adventure, but only a master gamer can stay within the rules and still do well. You'll have more fun in the long run if you are honest in your style of play.

The Old Dwarf Mine is a low-level solitaire adventure for not more than 10 characters of third level or less. You may use some combat magic, but you will have to interpret the rules for yourself. This is an adventure for humanoid characters—no dragons, balrogs, or giant beings need apply, though Humans, Hobs, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, etc, are all fine. Since the main bad guys are Goblins, it won't make much sense to bring Goblins on the adventure.

Note: Game instructions are enclosed in square brackets like this: [Make a L1SR on Luck.] There will often be choices and links to follow within such brackets.

When you have all your characters outfitted and ready to begin play, click here.

After you've tried the game (or before, if you are so inclined) please come back and give me some feedback on it. (E-mail your feedback to the address at the bottom of the page and I will publish it on this website. —Mattias)

We'll roll the dice for you!

Simply click on this fabulous link and follow the instructions, please! Then don't forget to come back here and play the game.


Below are some links that lead to places where you can study the T & T rules online, get characters created, or learn about other games in progress.

Here are some abridged rules if you do not have your printed rulebook handy.

If you would like to try another adventure, you can send one first level character who has no magic to Buffalo Castle.

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